The highly-qualified college faculty comprises committed teaching professionals with an extensive experience in the sphere of education, development and counseling. The academic curriculum is designed in such a way as to breed the student’s enthusiasm and interest in studying and questioning. The teachers’ interaction with the college-student goes beyond the standard facilitator’s areas of pastoral and parental concern. The faculty is fully involved with the students in all the academic and extra-curricular activities, be it the class-room discussion, sports game or the musical performance. Alongside the traditional and time-tested teaching techniques the teaching staff broadens and enriches the learning and studying experience by introducing the innovative teaching and learning methods. The respectful and caring rapport between the teachers and students helps nurture the love for knowledge, bringing out the joy of discovery and learning. That translates into the development of the students’ independent problem-solving skills, being a valuable asset in pursuing whatever profession or way of life a student chooses later-on.
We also invite Guest Teachers from various disciplines which nourishes students’ thinking and communication skills and stimulates enthusiasm.

The College provides for the qualified staff who help those student with diagnosed learning difficulties, and many other problems — librarians, computing experts, technicians, maintenance staff, etc. — who provide the support essential to any successful schemes of teaching and learning.

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